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About us

LONKIA is a food machinery processing and production enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It owns a well qualified workforce, provides high-quality services, and has strong capabilities of designing, development and manufacturing .

Main products: central kitchen vegetable processing line, cleaning and drying line, frying line,blanching machine, pasteurization line, vegetable salad processing line, sausage production line, canned food production line,frozen french fries production line,potato chips production line, thawing production line , high temperature frying machine, low temperature vacuum fryer, bottle & crate washing machine etc.

Through research and development by scientific researchers, their continuous innovation and combined with customer needs, a variety of high-efficiency products are developed, which are suitable for fried products, meat, aquatic products, quick-frozen food, canned food, puffed food, vegetables and many other industries.

Our Certification

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