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Snacks Nut Roasting Machine

Snacks nut roasting machine with hot air.Lonkia heat conduction oil flat oven is mainly suitable for processing of various barbecue and baking foods such as nuts, dried fruits, sweet potatoes, small crisp fish, roasted leg of lamb, Roasted sucking pig or Roasted baby pig, roasted corn, roasted chestnuts, roasted Mantou slices, roasted sea cucumber, and various Chinese medicinal materials.


Made of 304 stainless steel, safe and hygienic, with a long service life. The insulation adopts aluminum silicate rock wool insulation, effectively reducing the temperature of the workshop environment, improving the working environment, and reducing equipment energy consumption.

Basic workflow

The heat source of the oven adopts a 70KW electrically heated thermal oil boiler, with a thermal efficiency of over 99%, a design pressure of 0.6P, a maximum working temperature of 320 ℃, a temperature control of ± 1 ℃, a heater oil capacity of 60L, a connecting diameter of DN50, an external dimension of 1400 * 600 * 1400 (millimeters), and a hot oil pump flow rate of 16m3/hour. The head of the hot oil pump is 28 meters, the power of the hot oil pump is 3KW, and the total system power is 70KW.


LONKIA Nut Roasting Machine
Capacity 200300kg/h
Size 1700X1700X1600mm
Heat transfer oil boiler 70Kw
Baking tray specifications (customizable) 1000X1000X150 mm
Swing frequency 0-140times/minute(Variable frequency adjustable)

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