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French Fries Potato Chips Line System

French Fries Potato Chips Line System
This high-capacity automatic potato chips making machine utilizes advanced oil management technology and efficient heating systems to ensure consistent production quality, extended oil lifespan, and substantial energy savings, making it ideal for large-scale potato chips and French fries production.


French Fries Potato Chips Line System Flow Chart

This automatic potato chips making machine is specifically designed for processing potatoes into delicious chips, crisps, or French fries, with an option for frozen fries (equipped with a freezer). It features production capacities ranging from 100kg/h to 800kg/h, offering advantages such as large capacity, high output, automation, labor-saving benefits, and high profitability.

Key advantages include:

Advanced oil and water technology ensures automatic filtration to maintain clean frying oil, enhancing product consistency, quality, and shelf life, thereby increasing product value.

Advanced mechanical configuration and control maintain optimal working conditions, improving output while ensuring consistent product quality, color, aroma, and taste.

 Automatic filtration extends frying oil lifespan significantly, reducing the need for frequent oil changes and optimizing fuel efficiency by utilizing oil equivalent to what's absorbed by the product.

Efficient heating systems minimize energy waste, resulting in substantial energy savings during operation.

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