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bag/carton/box/case robot palletizer machine

Applicable product type: cartons, membrane bag, iron drum, 5 gallon bucket, etc.It also can be use for filling bottles into carton.


1. Powerful

The palletizing robots are among the fastest palletizers on the market, while also offering utmost precision and repeatability with the characteristics of greater dynamic performance, shorter cycle times and higher efficiency.
2. Versatile

Our palletizing robots come with a wide range of different payload capacities, reaches and special variants, ensuring that you will always find the right solution, no matter how challenging the palletizing task.

3. Compact

The compact and streamlined design of all palletizing robots enables quick and easy integration into existing systems. Their low disruptive contours extend the effectively usable workspace and allow innovative cell concepts.


Basic workflow

This single column palletizer consist of conveyors, carton arrangement system, palletizing main machine, complete layer griper, pallet dispenser, full pallet conveyor, empty pallet conveyor, control system.

This small single column palletizer adopts servo location and PLC touch screen control, operation easy to learn, can control the running speed, show the cause of the fault and the fault location, convenient researchers found problems in a timely manner. The stacking number, pallet supply and discharge can be programmed control. Stacking method can adjust the touch screen, the operation is simple and convenient.

This machine adopts servo control, effective control of the fixture for the product to grab, packed. In prior programming arrangement, automatic conversion product direction and location pattern, and positioning precision, broad scope, easy fixture replacement, arrangement form is varied, can adapt to different products demand pattern, and are widely used in industry.

During the production, catons or packs be transported by conveyor to the carton arrangement system, the arrangement system will arrange cartons in a certain order, after arrangement, the gripper will catch the complete layer of the cartons and move them into the gripper, the single column will lift the gripper and move horizontally to put the complete layer carton on the pallet; repeat above actions until the complete pallet is finished.


Model Lonkia
Application Cartons and Bags
Palletising Speed 400-600 boxs/hour
Stack Height 1800mm
Carton and bag Dimension L200~550mm*W200~460mm*H150~450mm
Carton and bag Load(Max) 25KG
Pallet Dimension L800~1200mm*W800~1200mmm
Conveyor hight 400~450mm
Conveyor width 650mm
Power 380V 50Hz

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