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Tray washing machine

The turnover box cleaning machine is mainly composed of a high pressure spray system and a wind blade water removing system. The whole cleaning part is fully covered, which is equipped with a removable observation access door.


The turnover box cleaning machine cleaning process is relatively simple, We will be using stainless steel for the of high-pressure spray cleaning section, the wind blade to the water section consisting of a continuous work by the washing to the water to the device. The work piece is placed on the feeding section mesh belt, the transmission device will be sent to each cleaning station in turn, after cleaning the box, the wind knife to the water, the box will be sent to the discharge end. The operator can take off the box to the other working procedure in the discharge end. The whole set of device is a closed chamber structure, with a removable observation window. The specific structure of the following instructions.

Basic workflow

Technical Introduction of plastic basket washing machine:

High pressure spray cleaning: the length of 4500mm, divided into three groups of spray water system. The first and the two groups are sprayed with hot water spray (steam heating); each group is provided with a separate circulating filter water tank, and the water circulation of the double filtering device is arranged in each water tank. Tanks are equipped with separate sewage cleaning valve, easy to clean up the goods at any time which the first and second sets of water tanks water pipeline connection with convenient water complement each other.

Each cleaning spray in the equipment from the upper and lower, left and right through the four directions of the high pressure pump pressure cross cleaning of the turnover box, each for four cleaning spray pipes, each spray pipes has 30 cross nozzle, three is equal to 90 nozzles.

Each nozzle is the first pump fan nozzle with the flow rate of 12m 7.5kw head of 100m, the water pressure is 1.0Mpa, fand, stainless steel pump multistage pump, the pump temperature is 80 DEG C(Customize).

Second pump power is 5.5KWw which can lift until 60m. The flow rate is 8m water pressure is 1.0Mpa, fand, water pump room temperature water pump. The third pump power is 5.5KW which can lift 60m, flow rate: 8m water pressure is 1.0Mpa, fand, pump room temperature water pump.

The pump pipeline with pressure gauge with spray cleaning section at the top with cover that can easily maintain.

High pressure spray cleaning segment size: 4500mm x 1000mm x 1500mm

Air knives blower system: drying length 8000mm, dried into 8 groups, 32 large centrifugal fan air volume of each power 0.75KW, respectively from the upper and lower, left and right by the air knife on the turnover box of wind knives water shearing, equipped with steam heating drying, height fan can manually adjust the hand wheel.

The size of the wind blade to the water section: 8000mm * 1000mm * 1500mm.


Two Sections
There Sections
Five Sections
Machine plate
Power supply
Total power
Steam consumption
Water supply pressure
Steam pressure Mpa
Electric heating
Working height
Water consumption
0.5m*3/one tank

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