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Hot wind roaster or slat parching machine

The machine is used to roast kind of nuts, seeds, beans, like sunflower seed, peanut seed, hazelnut, macadamia nut, pine nut,soybean, cocoa beans and so on, The capacity is 100-200 kg/h, and the machine is made in full 304 stainless steel. The heating type can be electric or gas.


Tunnel steamer uses steam and hot air as the heat source to cook food. It is a new food processing method, replacing the original high-temperature frying. It is designed and manufactured according to the principles of thermodynamics and various requirements for food. It is suitable for meat food. Cooked processing. The temperature control and humidity control of the product are all automatically controlled. The steaming time can be adjusted arbitrarily within the allowable range. The food processed by this machine has an attractive color and excellent taste, and can be directly packaged or entered into the next process as a semi-finished product.

01. The steaming conditions of the two relatively independent areas of the steamer can be controlled separately, the humidity is controlled independently by the dew point of each zone, and the air circulation airflow can be adjusted to meet any steaming needs.

02. The high-speed combined horizontal and vertical airflow during cooking provides optimal browning and baking results, avoiding affecting the crunchyness and quality of the product due to moisture loss.

03. The independent process of each cooking zone provides the flexibility needed with a high degree of consistency. Lecithin soaked at the time of feeding creates an anti-stick layer on the conveyor belt, which ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance and longer production uptime.


Basic workflow

1. the roasted product is heated evenly, and the temperature difference between inside and outside is small.
2. The baking speed is controlled by pole-less frequency conversion with high efficiency, and can be heated by double temperature control with less energy waste and less power consumption.
3. small volume, save space and save costs.
4. it can be used on line with the production line while feeding on the other side. Synchronous control, reduce bad.
5. the temperature can be set by constant temperature control, and the elasticity is high.
6. forced circulation device.
7. the product has short advance time and less working hours.
8. adopt stepless temperature control system, product quality is stable and reliable, and many other advantages.
9. widely used in food, electronics, chemical and other industries. Such as peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachio nuts, almonds, broad beans and other grainy nuts.
Automatic temperature control system 0--300 can be set.


Name Automatic stainless steel steam baking linear oven for ready to eat chicken breast producing
Dimension(mm) 12966*2032*3230
Conveyor Size(mm) 10000*1000
Heating Type Electric / Electric Heating Oil
Treating Capacity 900-1,000 KG / Hr
Material SUS304
Control Automatic Control
Power(KW) Cleaning System 11
Conveyor System 3
Lift System 15

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