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pasteurization line cooling machine

save labor
increase productivity
ensure the consistence of product taste and color
maintain the original nutrients;



The pasteurization line Suitable for automatic continuous pasteurization of pickles, pickles, low-temperature meat products, fruit juice, jelly, yogurt and all kinds of beverages.

Basic workflow

The spray pasteurization line is divided into spray sterilization, cooling and air drying three parts, through the continuous
operation of the chain, drive the sterilized substances into the tank continuous operation, sterilization with a nozzle,
temperature more uniform, sterilization more thoroughly, cooling is divided into pre-cooling and cooling two parts, and finally air drying treatment.

The principle of sterilization is in a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacterial
reproduction;The higher the temperature, the faster the reproduction, but the higher the temperature, the bacteria will
die.Different bacteria have different optimal growth temperature and heat-resistant, cold-resistant ability, pasteurization is
actually the use of pathogens is not very heat-resistant characteristics, with the appropriate temperature and heat preservation time processing, its all killed.


Pasteurizing time( min) 10-40
Pasteurizing temperature 65-98℃, adjustable
Width of conveyor (mm) 1000/1200/1500
Running speed frequency control
Voltage 380v/50HZ (or customized)
Power Conveyor motor: 3kw
Circulating water pump: 4kw, air pump: 2.2KW
Steam pressure 0.3MPa
Capacity(kg/h) 1000-3000
Dimension(mm) 5000*1500*1650, 8000*1500*1650, 10000*1500*1650 or 12000*2200*1650 (according to your capacity and pasteurizing time)

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