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salad vegetable washing cutting machine

Application of vegetables washing machine:It is suitable for cleaning vegetables after cutting.Such as cabbage, salad lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, onions, peppers, diced vegetables.


The eddy current cleaning machine consists of two parts: eddy current cleaning and vibration draining. The eddy current and air bubbles generated by the equipment are used to clean the products flexibly. When the vegetables are cleaned, they are in a spiral motion together with the water in the cleaning tank, so the surface of the leafy vegetables is not damaged. After the vegetables are cleaned, they are moved forward by the hydrodynamic force. Advance to the vibration dewatering part, after preliminary vibration dewatering, it can be sent out, and can be connected to a centrifugal dehydration machine or an air drying line for secondary removal of vegetable surface water, and can also be equipped with an ozone generator to remove pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

Basic workflow

a. The whole machine is made of high-strength SUS304 stainless steel, and the
surface is more beautiful and elegant with sandblasting.
b. The chassis of the machine adopts an overall frame structure, and the frame body is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel round tubes, with high strength and reasonable structure.
c. The quick-release vibrating screen is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
d. The suspended spray system forms a high-density spray belt, the material is cleaned in the vibration of the vibrating screen, the fine particles are screened out, and the rest of the material is cleaned in the vibration to achieve a better cleaning effect, and the material will be washed in this link. Clean and clean.
e. The front end of the vibrating screen is equipped with a double-amplitude vibration support, and the rear end is equipped with a single-amplitude vibration support, which can fully ensure that the cleaned materials are exported more smoothly, and more water flows back to the tank to continue to circulate.
f. The upper rotating cage can be controlled by frequency conversion, and can use different rotation speeds according to different vegetables, effectively filtering out impurities in the material and overflowing the foam in the material.
g. The nylon separator of the lower cage is precisely matched with the cage, and the foam impurities are completely isolated during the water circulation process to ensure the water quality of the circulating water tank.
h. A sand settling tank is set at the bottom of the tank to facilitate the separation and discharge of sediment impurities in the water flow.
i. The equipment is equipped with ozone sterilization function, and can effectively remove pesticide residues in materials.


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1 Dimension 4000*1700*1870
2 Capacity 1.5T
3 power 4.52KW
4 material SUS 304

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