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Dual channel basket washing machine

The dual-channel basket washing machine is a cleaning equipment that integrates cleaning and drying. The equipment adopts a dual-channel mode, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency. This machine can replace traditional manual cleaning operations and meet the cleaning requirements of a large number of turnover boxes of food companies.


01 Speed and temperature are adjustable and easy to operate;
02 Double-layer filter design makes it easy to clean at any time;
03 Adjustable brush design for cleaner cleaning;
04 Pipeline vibration reduction connection makes operation more stable.

Basic workflow

The entire double-row basket washing machine is made of S304 stainless steel. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel except for the motor and nozzle. Cleaning is divided into three stages. The first section is hot alkaline water, and the second section is hot clean water. The three-stage spray water is equipped with an independent circulating filtered water tank. The water tank is equipped with a steam heating pipe. The temperature ranges from normal temperature to 60°C, and can be freely set and automatically constant temperature.

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