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Glass bottle cleaning machine

The glass bottle cleaning machine is mainly used to clean glass bottles and polyester bottles before filling. It is suitable for rinsing disposable polyester bottles with slight dust and glass bottles cleaned by the bottle washing machine.


01 The continuous tracking spray flushing method is used to wash bottles, which has good flushing effect, is suitable for bottles of different specifications, and is easy to operate and maintain;
02 Energy consumption, water consumption, space occupation, etc. are reduced by more than 80%;
03 It causes little pollution to the environment, is easy to maintain, and has low operating costs;
04 This machine has a reasonable rinsing process and less residual liquid.

Basic workflow

The bottles are loaded into a special parallel tray, which is composed of a bottle tray and a cover plate and is separated and positioned by holes in the bottle tray. It is brought into the work station manually, and after circulating water is sprayed and filled with water, it sinks to the ultrasonic tank for ultrasonic rough cleaning; then the bottle tray rises and is pushed into the second stage work station, and the mouth is sprayed downward to rinse the outer bottle, and the needle is inserted In the bottle (air flushing), primary cleaning (water for injection), secondary cleaning (water for injection), third air flushing, spin drying, bottle mouth facing up, automatically enters the sterilization oven.

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