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Milk bucket cleaning machine

The milk bucket cleaning machine is a cleaning, oil removal, and disinfection integrated cleaning equipment specially designed for milk buckets. The equipment is simple to operate and has stable performance. It is an indispensable and ideal cleaning equipment for food processing enterprises.


01 Reasonable waterway design achieves water saving and high efficiency, and the conveying device adopts variable frequency speed regulation to meet cleaning requirements under different conditions;
02 Use combined nozzles to facilitate nozzle cleaning and direction adjustment;
03 The filter tank is easy to take out and clean;
04 The under-voltage protection switch is used to protect the high-pressure water pump to avoid idling of the water pump caused by negligence and incorrect operation, making the equipment safer to use, longer lasting, and easier to use.

Basic workflow

The milk bucket cleaning machine is divided into three cleaning stages. The first stage is pre-washing. It can be heated to add cleaning agent (select the type of cleaning agent or not according to the difficulty of cleaning). The second stage is the heated main washing part, which is used for rinsing after cleaning. There is an independent circulating filtered water tank outside the second section of tap water. The second section of tap water is recycled as supplementary water to the first section of water tank. After heating and use, part of the sewage is automatically discharged. The third stage is rinsing, which mainly cleans the remaining impurities to make the product cleaner. The first water tank is equipped with an electric heating tube, and the temperature can be freely set from normal temperature to 60°C and automatically constant temperature. There are movable waterproof doors on both sides of the cleaning room, and the entrances at both ends are sealed and waterproof with soft curtains to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of equipment at any time.

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