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Tin can washing machine

Magnetic can washing machine, also known as empty can cleaning machine (tinplate can cleaning machine), is mainly used for continuous cleaning of tinplate cans and cans. It uses high-pressure nozzles and has the characteristics of good cleaning effect, reasonable structure, balanced work and high production efficiency. It is Equipment for canned food and beverage production lines. This device can be custom designed.


01 Simple structure and low manufacturing cost
02 The empty cans enter the empty can cleaning device through mechanical push, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves production efficiency.
03 Empty tinplate cans are rinsed upside down. They are easy to rinse and leave little residual water stains.
04 Water and air will only be sprayed when an empty bottle passes over the water spray pipe and air jet pipe, saving water consumption and energy.

Basic workflow

This equipment includes a conveyor assembly, which includes an annular conveyor belt for conveying iron cans. The annular conveyor belt includes an upper conveyor belt part and a lower conveyor belt part; several magnets are located in the middle cavity of the annular conveyor belt, and each magnet is distributed in the lower conveyor belt part. above, and inside the two arc ends of the annular conveyor belt; a water spray device is used to spray water on the iron cans for cleaning, with its liquid outlet facing the lower surface of the lower conveyor belt part of the annular conveyor belt; a blowing device is used to clean the iron cans The iron can behind is blown with air, and its jet is directed towards the lower surface of the lower conveyor belt part of the endless conveyor belt.

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