Water Bath Rotary Sterilizer

The steam sterilizing kettle drives the product packaging contents to flow through the rotation of the rotating body. During this process, the sterilizing kettle is filled with steam and all the air is discharged from the sterilizing kettle. Since air is not allowed to enter the retort at any time during any sterilization step, there is no overpressure during the sterilization phase of the process. However, air overpressure may be applied during the cooling step to prevent vessel deformation.


The water spray rotary sterilization kettle uses the rotation of the rotary body to make the contents flow within the package. It is heated and cooled through the heat exchanger. Steam and cooling water will not contaminate the product, and no water treatment chemicals are needed. The process water passes through the water pump and kettle. The internally distributed spray forms mist water and sprays it onto the product to achieve sterilization. The precise temperature and pressure control can be suitable for a variety of packaged products.

Basic workflow

Put the product into the basket and send it to the sterilization kettle. After the product is in place, the automatic cylinders press each one individually, and the kettle door is closed. The kettle door is ensured by triple safety interlocking. During the entire sterilization process, the kettle door is mechanically locked.
The sterilization process is carried out automatically according to the data input to the microprocessor controller PLC.
Inject hot water into the kettle through the hot water tank, evacuate the cold air in the kettle, and inject steam from the top of the equipment. The steam intake and drainage are synchronized to fill the space in the kettle with steam. After all the hot water in the kettle is discharged, it continues to heat up to the sterilization temperature. There are no cold spots during the entire heating and sterilization process. After the sterilization time is reached, cooling water begins to be added for cooling. During the cooling stage, the pressure inside the kettle is reasonably controlled to ensure that the jar will not be deformed due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside.
During the heating and sterilization stages, the pressure in the kettle is completely generated by the saturation pressure of steam. It generates counter pressure during cooling to ensure that product packaging will not deform.
During the entire working process, the rotation speed and time of the rotating body are determined by the product process.


Product Description
High Pressure Vacuum Electromagnetic Cooker Mixer
220V/1Ph50Hz or as customized
Full,semi automatic
Heating source
steam ,thermal oil,electric,gas,electromagnetic
50kg -500kg per batch
Steel grade
All stainless SUS 304

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