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2023-02-10 14:05:45

Recently, the “black market” smuggling case of medical waste notified by Hunan Province has caused widespread concern, and the industry has once again set off a hot discussion on medical waste disposal. Some experts pointed out that the repeated ban on the sale of medical waste is not only because the interest chain is deeply rooted. If you want to cut off the chain of interests, you must start from multiple links and work together to make the “black production” nowhere to be.

Huge but repeated

Literary critic Zhu Qi explained in an interview that medical waste, also known as medical waste, refers to contaminated garbage that has been abandoned by the hospital and touched the patient’s blood, body, etc., including used cotton balls, gauze, tape, waste water, Disposable medical devices, discarded products after surgery, expired drugs, etc. Unlike ordinary industrial waste and domestic waste, medical waste has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent pollution. Zhu Qi said, “medical waste such as infusion tubes, medical plastic bottles, and thousands of dollars a ton of open recycling; after processing into plastic granules, the price doubles when you change hands.” And the whole process of this family workshop is only high temperature melting. It is easy to leave the drug, and the germ virus is also difficult to eliminate. The huge profit margin has made medical waste, a market that harms others and has no one to do.

Hidden black interest chain

As early as 2003, China issued the “Regulations on the Management of Medical Wastes”, and detailed regulations on the storage and disposal of medical waste. Among them, it is expressly forbidden for any unit or individual to transfer or trade medical waste, and it is also forbidden to dump or stack medical waste in non-storage sites or to mix medical waste into other wastes and domestic garbage. In the case of dumping, stacking medical waste or mixing medical waste into other wastes and domestic garbage at non-storage sites, causing infectious disease or environmental pollution accidents, the original license department temporarily detains or revokes the practice license or business license, which constitutes a crime. Criminal prosecution shall be pursued according to law. But even if there are laws and regulations that “manage”, some people dare to take risks and try them out.

According to relevant personnel of the hospital, the main reason for the inflow of medical waste into the “black workshop” is the “internal and external collusion” between unscrupulous traders and medical personnel, because there is a transfer of interests between them. Ms. Fu, a nurse at a primary medical institution, said that medical waste in hospitals is generally taken away by professional people. But the person who is the professional and whether it is collected after classification, she is not known.

Need to be multi-party

Since we find loopholes, we should take time to make up for it and reduce the damage and loss to a large extent. If the medical waste is arbitrarily “transformed” for profit, the consequences are unimaginable. Zhu Qi believes that “the bell must be tied to the bell.” To break this black industry chain that controls medical wastes to endanger the survival of the nation, we must first find a breakthrough point from such roots, and the source of medical waste is mainly hospitals.

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