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Trash can cleaning machine

Tin can washing machine, also known as empty can washing machine (tinplate can washing machine), is mainly used for continuous washing of tinplate cans and cans. It adopts high-pressure nozzles and has good washing effect, reasonable structure, balanced work and high production efficiency. 


01 High pressure spray cleaning
Using high-pressure spray cleaning, it is cleaner than ordinary spray cleaning;
02 Independent circulating water tank
The first section is hot alkaline water, the second section is hot water, and the third section is tap water. The water tank is equipped with a filter device to filter out impurities in the water so that water resources can be reused to avoid waste;
03 Reasonable waterway design
Save water, water consumption is about 500L/hour;
04 Stable operation
Reduce maintenance costs and downtime;
05 Easy to clean
The spray gun and liquid storage tank are integrated into the structure, and the side panel of the basket washing machine is easy to open for easy cleaning.

Basic workflow

It uses magnetic principles and water power to thoroughly clean dirt and residue inside and outside the container, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the container. This equipment is suitable for food processing industry, beverage industry and other fields.

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