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Bamboo shoots processing line continuous blanching machine

2023-03-24 17:27:01

The blanching machine is suitable for vacuum soft packaging of food, ham sausage, chicken feet with pickled peppers, sausage, dried mango, dried strawberry, dried durian, canned strawberry jam blueberry jam, dried mango, canned bagged salad dressing ketchup, fruit juice, vegetable juice beverage, pickles, pickles, salted vegetables, pickled vegetables, big roots, pickle, wild vegetables, jam, jelly, etc. sterilization of food, flexible tube packaging, glass bottle packaging. The pasteurizer is also suitable for processes such as blanching or Pre-cooked of fruits and vegetables.

1.The first stage is sterilized with about 85℃ self-circulating hot water for 10 minutes,

2.The second stage is sprayed and cooled with circulating water at 50-60℃, and the sterilization time is 10 minutes

3.The third stage is sprayed and cooled by circulating water, and the sterilization time of normal temperature water is 10 minutes

4.The fourth stage is cooled with pure water spray for 5 minutes



1. By using steam to cooking or boiling the fruits and vegetables that will have better processing effect.

2. It can continuously feed product, cooking or boiling and product outlet.

3. Temperature is automatic controlled, stepless speed regulation, the cooking time can be adjusted freely according to the products and processing techniques.

4. Short cooking time, clean and sanitary, easy to operate.

5. Processing capacity:3-30 tons/hour.

6. Material: SUS 304 Stainless steel.

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