food industrial 3axis pick robot

Pick up/packing palletizing robot MPP3H is suitable for high speed and high precision palletizing, fetching, packing multifunctional industrial robot.


The high-speed robot designed for fast pick and place applications. Its body is made up of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. The leapfrog test beats up to 200 beats per minute. The target object is captured by a sensor or vision system to achieve dynamic tracking picking and placement of the target object. The equipment can be widely used in the fields of packaging, material sorting, handling and assembly.

Basic workflow

The main application areas:
• Packaging
• Sorting
• Handling
• Assembly

• High motion accuracy
• Fast movement
• Large range of motion
• Strong carrying capacity,
• Can be used with visual positioning, conveyor tracking.


Payload 6kgs
Repeatability 0.08mm
Axis 3/4
Protection class IP65
Installation overhead mounting
Weight 210kgs
Customization available
Function sorting, picking and placingm, conveyance, packaging, coating, stacking,and packing in food, pharmaceutics, photovoltaic, electronics, daily chemical product and logistics industries
Usage food, pharmaceutics, photovoltaic, electronics, daily chemical product and logistics 
Features 1.Robust components and design  
2.Distributed SmartServo architecture
3.Conveyor tracking with integrated vision guidance
4.High resolution absolute encoder
5.High efficiency, low inertia drive and lightweight arms, small footprint
6.High-precision, low-speed tracking, easy to calibrate
7.Integrated temperature sensor monitors the heat of the servo motor to prevent damage
8.Diagnostic display on the robot can speed up troubleshooting

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